Loving The Tea Room Suite

On a little holiday and hope you love this recent post from Jenni Paulie.

When I was ten years demonstrator for Stampin! was that love has led me to the paper to do so. I love designer paper, the wonderful pattern, the harmony of colors and easy as paper feels. My current hobby was scrapbooking and later I learned then stamping.

I am still enthusiastic scrapper, the memories that I have noted are priceless!

Many memories does the new series Teatime (product package # 148412). It reminds me of my friend Bianca, who has enjoyed working in this color combination. And it reminds me of projects that Shelli Gardner has made over the years, always with those little embellishments that make up a special project.

The layout in the image is stitched around. Sewing on paper is so simple.

Tipp1: You do not need the paper to another and sew. It is enough if you sew only the paper and it klebst later on the other paper.

: Tip 2 Using the designer paper (Tea Room # 146894) sparingly. If only one edge is visible, cut with the paper cutter (# 129722) a ca 3 cm wide edge and the rest can be vomPapier so on.

The series tea time offers so much coordinating accessories. I love these bells and whistles!

It is especially nice that there are many coordinating products wonderfully fit this series! The filigree butterfly is from the Thinlits Set Spring Impressions (# 146136), the colorful butterflies and flowers are sticker from the card range reminders, and more-tea room (# 147035). The doilies colorful doilies (# 146935) are of a mixed pack of four colors!

Tipp3: The doilies can be cut apart, you get different shapes.

I throw away to nothing … everyone snippets can be processed.

The following colors I used for stamping: Heideblüte (pillow # 147103) Curry Yellow (pillow # 147087) Jade, my favorite color (cushion # 147097) and Calypso (# Kissen147101). In the picture above you see, as I have written with the coordinating markers little hearts, dots and * Love *. The beads (beaded jewelry # 144219) put even an additional accent.

If the material is already eh ready on the table, I stay mostly there and finished a few cards.

Points, set a few beads, flowers and leaves in the wreath, make this card charming. At the next card adorable tea cups are used. This can be punched with Thinlits.

The papers are from the map range memories and more tea and the punch of the heart is of the stamp around the corner (# 147950). The cups are stacked on top of each other and with Dimensionals (# 104430) is attached. And because I find the cups so cute, there is still one more card:

Here the saucers (plates) are simply cut off and already the same, there is a new accessory! The ribbon in Bermuda Blue (# 146939) holds the cups, a tiny piece of yarn metallic flair in copper (# 141696) refurbishes the card even more.

You see, the flüsterweiße carton (# 106549) makes colors shine beautifully.

Where maps are is mostly a gift too! And what fits here better than a pack of tea?

By the way, the remaining paper from the layout. I say yes, you can use everything. Some paper cord (natural colors # 146342) and Ombré ribbon (Calypso # 144235) And the tea is nice packed.

A little more time and lifeblood in the following mini-album. Everything is used again, which I have mentioned so far.

Everything please! The corners are with the great Trio punch Decorative details (# 146320) rounded, parchment The carton (# 106584) with the vinyl stickers tea in copper (# 146314) embellished. A hidden pouch is connected to the Framelits Floral window rabbet (# 146354) made. The album is (metallic color expanding clamps # 146929) with Brad together. For this you punched you with his hand punch circuit (# 134365) in the above corner in each paper a hole and you have a very special gift.

I give myself pleasure with the layout. With the cards and packaging for gifts and small mini albums one gives joy to friends and dear friends, there is a better reason to tinkering and stamps?

Have fun rework, and thank you for allowing me to inspire you!


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