Ode to Mothers

There are Mother’s of Children, Mother’s of Friends

Mother’s of Animals… to that there’s no end

Mothers are generous, Mothers are kind

Their  love is fierce …  and one that binds.

What comes to mind on this special day

That Whatever Mother you are...know

You are ‘special’ in every way   – Mary


Have a Wonderful  Mother’s Day Everyone





My Stampin’Up! Mom sent me a Mother’s Day card even though she is not my Mom.  Such thoughtfulness is touching.    Maybe today is a good day for you to reach out to someone who is not your ‘traditional’ Mom and spread some love.  Sure feels good and know it will be so appreciated.   Here’s a peak at the card she sent me.  (Think she is obsessed with the ‘Share What You Love’ bundle she purchased!)

Share What You Love Bundles


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